Friday, August 27, 2010

My-ESPN is an Extraordinary Social Paying Network


Imagine if everyone who joined twitter after you, were in your

What if . .

1. You could profit from this relationship?
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Well, now you can . .

This is Not Twitter - It is an Extraordinary Social Paying Network.

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A Little More information from for those that may be interested

Obviously, The Old School Approach Doesn't Work Anymore. Here's the
scenario ............

You get several calls from a friend inviting you to check out a great business
After several requests you finally give in to attending a business opportunity
meeting or listening in on a conference call.
You get excited, sign-up, pay your start up fees and get started.
After several months of hard work your business has not grown and you've
actually spent more money than you've made!

My - Extraordinary Social Paying Network Does Work

Step 1: Build your business (team) completely online.
Step 2: Select (as a community), the best opportunity available to join.
Step 3: Join (as a team) the selected business opportunity.
Step 4: Begin earning immediate and long term residual income!

Best of all, there's absolutely:

* No Spending of your own money.
* No Attending countless business opportunity meetings.
* No Listening to hundreds of opportunity conference calls.
* No Bugging your friends and family members.
* No Buying tons of products and storing them in your garage.
* No Disrupting your already busy life.

The My-ESPN Project automatically builds you a large team effortlessly using the power of social networking completely online and at no cost to you.

1) Every person who joins after you can Benefit You financially..That's
2) A Huge Community and Team joining a business opportunity we all Vote on together.. That's
3) On-the-fly Downline Formatting to instantly Max the selected business opportunity compensation plan . . That's
4) Instantly rearrange our joining process with 5 major options, Exact Integrity (for those multi-million dollar companies who will import our database in precise relationship - generating fast start and advancement bonuses), 1x True Straight Line, 2x Forced Matrix, 3x Forced Matrix, and 4x Forced Matrix - allowing our team to take full advantage of the power of 1,2,3, or 4 in 1UPs, 2UPs, etc.